Have you being on an adventure journey, visited a vacation spot or have some travel guide you wish to share?

Well at nigflute.com we love to publish it as a guest post on our blog. You can be a contributor.

Can you be our guest?

At nigflute.com, we accept guest post and this is our guideline:

  1. First thing first, we do accept guest posts. Please don’t send us emails asking us if we do.
  2. Your post must be 100% original. That’s you’ve not published it before.
  3. We love the long-form article. In line with that, content should not be less than 1000 words. We’ll ignore or not publish your article if it’s less than the required words.
  4. Content should not promote hate, anger, violence, racism or politics.
  5. You must have the right to use images and where you don’t, you must provide credit for the original owner of the content.
  6. We only accept two links to any website and social media handle. Links to an affiliate product, promotions or harmful website will not be accepted.
  7. In your article, include images as you want it to appear in the article and a bio at the end. When you’re done with your article, you can send your final draft as an attachment to:

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