10 Things to do at twin falls Idaho

10 Things to do at twin falls Idaho


Whether it’s a family vacation, family reunion, or even a holiday spot you’re looking for, then the twin falls Idaho falls right into the mix.

The twin falls is the largest city in the magic valley region and the commercial hub for south-central Idaho and northeastern Nevada.

In this town, there is so much to see especially for people who love outdoor activities in paradise.

While it is may be difficult to know the activities in twin falls Idaho and to get you prepared and know what to expect, we’ve done the hard work and have narrow down the best things to do in the ever-growing city.

now that you’re ready, let’s dive in.

10 Things to do at twin falls Idaho

  1. Dinning at the edge of the canyon

The Snake River canyon is a natural wonder which is one of Idaho’s breathtaking wonders views.

It turns out that there’s a restaurant at the edge of the Canyon that takes your experience to a whole new level you’ve never dreamt of.

This restaurant offers a view of the snake river canyon, the surrounding magic valley region, and the Perrine bridge while you dine eclectic and American cuisine you can remember.

The restaurant is massive and covers 21, 000 square-foot making it a suitable location for several celebrations that include anniversaries, weddings, reunions, and many more.

Irrespective of the event, the spectacular views make one remember the special day always.

Dinning at the edge of the canyon is not the first thing that attracts guests, but the magnificent views. However, what keeps them is the food because it’s as good as the view.

  1. The elegance of Shoshone falls

Standing in awe of the Shoshone falls also known as the Niagara of the west stands at 212 feet tall and 900 feet wide is an attraction for most visitors.

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The Shoshone falls see increased activity when water flows are at their peak from guests both far and near.

But even when the falls is not at its peak, it’s still worth your time and visit because there are many things you can do.

During the lowest peak, you can see picnic areas, playgrounds, boat ramps, hiking trails, and even see the swimming holes in the Shoshone falls surrounding.

If you want to see more, you can rent a paddleboard that gets you up close to the view of the Shoshone falls from below.

But not everyone gets to do that, but the few who tried it say they’ll never forget the experience.

The fall follows a channel to the water below at 200 feet made of rocky canyon walls. You have the chance to keep the memories by taking photographs.

In the spring and early summer, the fall put in shows to keep guests happy and have fun.

  1. Visit the canyon grim trails

At The canyon, grim trail guests can walk close to the edge and stay safe on the trail. The trail is viewed along the Snake River canyon.

Biking, walking, and hiking are popular routine activities on the trail system. While there you can watch jumpers that spring free from the Perrine Bridge that is 486 feet above the canyon as well as wildlife that sailor hovers in the air in the canyon.

Also, kayakers enjoying the Snake River are always seen below.

Accessing the canyon grim falls is easier using the shoeshine park or the north end of Washington St. N at the twin falls visitors center.

The canyon grim falls offer vantage scenic views of the sheer canyon walls, waterfalls, BASE Jumper, and the Perrine Bridge.

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Finally, the grim falls are family-friendly and easily accessible for young and adults dogs, etc.

  1. Zip the snake twin falls Idaho

Want to experience high flying at a fast pace, then zip the snake located in the snake river canyon at the centennial park is there for you.

The tour offers some historical, geology, and wildlife learning when you ride through the four lines to the canyon in the snake river.

The place is great for kids, team exercise, and relaxation. The adventure is worth the experience.

  1. The auger falls and the trail of the mountain bike

The Auger falls has 10 miles of trail, the system is created to put enjoyment in the mind of visitors (users).

The City of Twin falls Park and the recreation department that manages the fall which is above the cascading spring, giving it a beautiful outlook when trailing.

The homestead and eagle trails are a single tract tour that passes through the rocks which give an awesome overlook of Auger falls.

In return, you use the Koda’s trail and the haunted forest trail for a five-mile roundtrip tour.

  1. Play golf at canyon springs golf course

This golf course has 18 holes and it’s professionally breathtaking and situated at the base of the towering snake river canyon.

Due to its location, you can see plenty of wildlife while playing golf. The canyon springs golf course is one of the popular places in twin falls Idaho and attracts both local and professional players to the golf course.

  1. The downtown commons

When the twin falls Idaho was undergoing restyling, a plaza was built called the downtown commons. The plaza has become a favorite hotspot for music lovers as it’s a place for live music and meet friends.

  1. Rock climbing

The popular canyon in the city is for those who love rock climbing. The canyon has volcanic basalt cliffs and crags.

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The Dierkes lake close to the Shoshone falls, are where access like over the falls, ziplock, evil c where built after overcoming many challenges.

  1. The brew downtown burger

The town is seeing an increase in the number of activities due to the growing brewery businesses. With Koto’s brewing company and Von Scheidt leading the brewing revolution.

The Von Scheidt is the oldest craft brewing hopping with beer fans.

  1. See falls from below

The watercraft rental at centennial waterfront park is the main reason twin falls Idaho is regarded as a center for BASE Jumpers.

This jump can be experienced from below where jumpers leap an astounding 486 feet from the I.B. Perrine Bridge.  People doing BASE jumping may say it’s simple and secured, but it’s a risky jump.

Using the Shoshone falls, is accessible when you start at the centennial waterfront park and will take four hours round trip trek with a portage around pillar falls.

As risky as it’s, the trip gives you a nice view of the I.B. Perrine Bridge, Knievel’s jump, and BASE jumpers all from below.

After the entire trip, you can start a return trip by floating at the base of the 212 foot Niagara of the west. The return trips are possible because the smooth waters ensure you feel the same.


There you have it, there’re many more things you can do that at the twin falls Idaho. as more improvement and features are added so are the increase in the varieties of things to do and customers need to be met.




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