10 top attractions in sun city south Africa

10 top attractions in sun city south Africa

While sitting on my couch enjoying the beauty of nature, it brought a lot of memories especially that of the vacation to sun city south Africa.

I wonder why they decided to call it a city until I notice that it has everything in it that you can find in a city.

From transportation to restaurant, from farm to hotels, from sports to relaxation spots, and several events that have continued to make it one of the lively and most visited vacation destinations in Africa.

The sun city South Africa might not be new to many, but for many who the city is in their wish list will want to know what to expect when they visit.

So what makes sun city in South Africa the destination of choice? Well, there are about 10 top places that make sun city attraction irresistible and the premier vacation destination in Africa.

10 top attractions in sun city south Africa

So what are the top places that keep attracting visitors to sun city? Well, different guests have different likes. However, irrespective of our individual likes, we all have one or more attractions that’ll suit our needs.

The top 10 attractions of sun city in South Africa are:

  1. Pilanesberg national park
  2. Valley of waves
  3. Kwena crocodile farm sun city
  4. King’s Tower
  5. Waterworld
  6. Predator World
  7. Waterworld Picnic lawn
  8. Latsatsi conferencing centre
  9. Mankwe Gametrackers
  10. Lost city golf course

  1. Pilanesberg national park

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The Pilanesberg game reserve as it is called shares a border with the sun city entertainment complex. The park is the most accessible using a standard car by road with tracts with no surface.

One unique attribute of the park is its a malaria-free environment which makes game viewing exciting.

The accommodations are in varieties to ensure that the needs of different guests are met. Some of these accommodations include Ivory tree game lodge, Kwa maritane, Thutlwa Safari lodge, and black rhino game lodge.

The best scene of the park is when you’re in the Mankwe dam region which is the largest water body in the park.

Within the dam, expect to see varieties of domestic and wild animals that include birds, zebra, waterbuck among others.

Through the park’s operation genesis, which has been in existence since 1979, has seen the increase of animals in the park to over 7000 and over 200km of roads.

By and large, the Pilanesberg game reserve variety of accommodation, easy to access, excellent vegetation, wildlife, and malaria-free zone are a hallmark of the park and makes it worth your visit time.

  1. Valley of waves

valley - 10 top attractions in sun city south Africa

Looking for a fun, then look no further than the valley of wave in sun city south Africa. The valley of waves also attracts guests from the Pilanesberg national park to enjoy the fun fill valley which is a few minute’s drives.

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The valley of the wave is a palm-fringed beach with a loose overlapping of crystalline water. The valley of waves is for everyone irrespective of your age because there’s something for everyone at the valley.

Several day time activities to keep the fun going for sun city resort guests that can be for a full day and a specific area for children activities with lifeguards always on duty.

The roaring lagoon is one of the main attractions of the valley of waves that’s 6500 square metre wave pool and a hydraulic mechanism that generate up to 2 metres high every 90 seconds.

In the valley of waves, there are two body slides.

  1. The Tarantula
  2. The scorpion

Then two tube rides called the viper and the mamba.

You can enjoy a lazy river a non-stop tube ride around an island, the tropical forest, enjoying sun rays, and a cocktail.

Other attractions are the recreational shops, ATM facilities, food factory and many more.

The valley of waves ensures you don’t have a boring moment or time. It’s fun and fun all the way.

  1. Kwena crocodile farm sun city

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The kwena crocodile farmhouses over 7000 crocodiles and in addition to that, Arnold the world’s biggest crocodile is also on the farm.

Even the kwena farm one of the top attractions in sun city, was created for educational purposes for both young and adults.

As a result, you’ll find several educational videos in the farm particularly about the crocodile life from the life circle, birth, and growth stages to give the visitors more insights about crocodiles viewed using a large screen at an auditorium.

As part of the kwena crocodile farm tour, visitors get to observe sessions of feeding, walk around a pathway to see the crocodiles.

So every day at 4:30pm guests get the chance to see the feeding sessions.

The charge for going to the farm depends on the resort you’re staying in the city.

  1. King’s tower

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The highest point of the resort is the king’s tower standing 230ft above the ground.

Due to the height, the view is magnificent with is lush green. The king’s tower offers you 360 degrees views of the sun city surroundings like the water sports activities, golf courses, and some wild animals in the lake.

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Even with its height and magnificent views, the King’s tower was designed to host private cocktail parties, small events, meetings, small dinners for people not more than 30.

  1. Waterworld

waterworld - 10 top attractions in sun city south Africa

The Waterworld operates 7 days a week for both hotel guests and day visitors. This manmade lake is situated within the elegant sun city resort.

Moreover, at the Waterworld there are several activities for both children and adults.

Some of the fun activities include the parasailing for one or two people where they’re lifted up to a height of about 35 metres in the air and are being moved around the lake.

Jetski is another activity where a jet-powered water motorbike is used to maneuver in the lake. The double jet ski makes it possible for two to have fun.

Other activities are the tube rides, water skiing, wake snake, bumper boats, cruise boat, scratch patch, jetovator rides, and a Stimela train ride for the family that moves via the cabanas aviary and to some parts of the Waterworld lake.

The fun activities you can find via the Waterworld does not require you to be an expert in the water activities to get involved in.

So whether you’re an expert or you still think you need some guidance, there’re people available to cater to everyone, which makes the experience fun of a lifetime.

  1. Predator world

predator world - 10 top attractions in sun city south Africa

From the name, expect to see predators. The predator world offers some of the wild animals of the wilderness in Africa at close quarters.

In this world, you can find large animals like elephant, rhino, lions, leopard, cape buffalo, hyenas, and meerkats.

One exciting feature of the predator world is that irrespective of the animal, whether male or female animals are living in their natural habitat.

The predator world organizes tours for picnics, game drives, and night visits, while the child-friendly tours include treasure hunts, refreshments, and fun activities.

When you visit the predator world, you’ll have interesting information on each animal you’ll see in the predator world.

By and large, it’s all fun in the wild.

  1. Waterworld picnic lawn

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The Waterworld picnic lawn is a lavishly productive and thriving lawn. The lawn is a place where guests can enjoy a casual picnic lunch with friends and family.

The lawn can host up to 1000 guests at a time for a picnic. If you want it a banquet style, 450 people can be seated.

On the lawn, the shops have all types of food and drinks. The restrictions are that you cannot take your own food or drink into the lawn.

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There are plenty of spaces for children to play and as a result, make the lawn a little bit noisy.

In general, the lush Waterworld picnic lawn is quite inviting and breathtaking.

  1. Latsatsi conferencing centre

download - 10 top attractions in sun city south Africa

In the resort area of the sun city, south Africa is the latsatsi conferencing centre for works and relaxation at the same time.

This modern conferencing centre has multi-purpose conference venues and meeting rooms based on their need in latsatsi conference centre, you work in comfort without much stress.

At the conference centre, there are:

  • 60 boardrooms,
  • 60 Schoolroom
  • Cocktail
  • 160 cinema/theatre
  • 48 u shaped

And banquet that can host up to 90 guests.

In addition, the conferencing centre has all the amenities like projector, writing board, internet, sound system, chairs, tables, air conditioner, a restroom that makes your conference hitch-free and you don’t need to hire anything additional personnel or gadget as the centre has all you need for conferences.

  1. Mankwe gametrackers

portal cover - 10 top attractions in sun city south Africa

The gametrackers is situated at the sun city resort and also next to the Pilanesberg National park malaria-free big five.

The mankwe gametrackers has the largest outdoor adventure in the entire North West province.

Several outdoor activities are performed at the gametrackers which include bush walks, game drives, hot air balloon safaris right inside the Pilanesberg national park, archery, quad biking, team building activities, chimp and zee rope adventure course and the wallow.

The mankwe gametrackers has services for individuals, exclusive and the capacity to serve large groups of up to 600 people to ensure you have a fun adventure.

  1. Lost city golf course

lost city golf course 640x360 1 - 10 top attractions in sun city south Africa

The lost city golf course in sun city south Africa has 18 holes that cover more than 100 hectares and the water features take 28, 000 square metres.

The lost city golf course has all the facilities like golf pro shop and driving range. This makes the golf course one of the top courses.

The golf course was designed to reflect a desert style with a clubhouse and close to the palace of the lost city.


The sun city south Africa has plenty of attractions and activities you can do whether you’re young or old.

Now you know that you have plenty of activities you can do in the city. Now you know you have plenty of things you can do and there will be no boring moment.




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