11 facts about sun city in South Africa

11 facts about sun city in South Africa

The sun city in South Africa is one of Africa’s top destinations, internationally recognized with world-class hotels, casinos, lavish palace, malaria-free landscape, and a host of attractions.

This lost city as the sun city south Africa is also called is located between the eland’s river and Pilanesberg which are approximately 140km northwest of Johannesburg which is also near the city of Rustenburg.

This city was launched and officially opened for business on 7 November 1979 as part of the sun international group of properties owned by Sol Kerzner.

Ever since the launch, the sun city south Africa has continued to improve and grow in popularity and relevance daily. This has made it one of the premium travel destinations on the African continent.

But when history was made in 1979, the sun city south Africa became the home for the Pilanesberg National Park, Valley of waves.

so what are you looking for?

Whether it’s a romantic stay with your partners, a family vacation spot, or looking for a fun weekend, then the lost city is at your mercy.

Apart from that, what are some of the things you can do in sun-city south Africa? Well, there’re lots of activities but here are a few things you can do in sun city in South Africa.

11 facts about sun city in South Africa


Enjoy a hot balloon ride

The hot air balloon is a price for people who stay at the sun city’s Pilanesburg. The balloon ride takes you into the heart of Africa bushes where you can see the ruins of a mythical civilization.

Get to play golf

If you love golf, then the two golf courses are there for you. You can improve your golf skills or even measure your swing in any of their golf courses. The golf courses are world-class and if you feel you’re a newbie to golf, the instructors are always happy to help you out.

5 resorts at your fingertips

If relaxation is what will take you to sun city then the resorts provide a pinnacle of all-inclusive relaxation and comfort.

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In the sun city, you have 5 resorts you can choose from. The option is to ensure they meet each and every person’s individual needs and expectations.

The five resorts are:

a. The palace of the lost city

PALACE OF LOST CITY - 11 facts about sun city in South Africa

This resort has an exclusive, outdoor swimming pool, 18 holes golf course the Gary player style, and a tropical garden for guest relaxation. The resort is located adjacent to the Pilanesburg National Park.

b. Cabanas Hotel

CABANAS - 11 facts about sun city in South Africa

This resort is styled for families who wish to come with there children to the city. In other words, the resort is for both young and adult.

The facilities to make stay a memorable one. Swimming, mini-golf, and Waterworld and looking at animals around the lake are some of the activities you can do at the resort.

By and large, the cabanas resort has no restriction to guests staying in there resort and have access to the world-famous golf course.

c. Bush bungalows

BUSH BUNGALOW - 11 facts about sun city in South Africa

At the bush bungalow, accommodation comes with free wifi making surfing the internet flexible, a restaurant, air conditioning, and a garden.

In the morning, breakfast is served daily to guests at the Palm Terrace restaurant which is situated at the cabanas hotel.

The bus bungalows have a crocodile farm which adds up to the beauty of the resort.

One more thing, the resort is 700 miles away from the valley of waves and 1.1 km from zipping 2000.

d. The cascades hotels at the sun city resort

The cascades hotels at the sun city resort - 11 facts about sun city in South Africa

The cascades hotel in the sun city in South Africa is another resort of choice with a world-class reputation.

It is situated adjacent to the Pilanesberg National Park with a tropical garden, free wifi, waterfalls, and has two great restaurant offering continental and local dishes.

The restaurants at cascades hotel resort restaurant include:

e. The Bocado

Bocado 1 600x450 1 - 11 facts about sun city in South Africa

The restaurant offers Mediterranean and vegetarian dishes only and you can partake on a cocktail treat at the luma bar.

f. The peninsula

The restaurant offers a continental buffet and local dishes during breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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Finally, the cascade resort has breathed taking views in their surroundings and just close to the activity center.

g. Soho hotel and casino

Soho hotel and casino - 11 facts about sun city in South Africa

This is part of the Soho group hotel and is situated at the edge of the famous Gary player golf course.

There is a spa and country club in the resort. As you can guess, they have a world-class casino fully equipped with the state of the art and encore night club and vibes sports bars for physical activities.

Not part of South Africa

The sun city south Africa was initially not part of South Africa. This was because it was located in the Bantustan of Bophuthatswana which was declared an independent state by the apartheid government.

This independence gave the city the chance to do gambling and topless revue shows where outlawed in South Africa under the leadership of the apartheid government.

Today gambling is one of the activities you can do in sun city.

Attracted many artists

You can get to attend concerts and events that attract artists and celebrities from around the world. The tradition has been there since 1983 despite a boycott imposed by the United Nations.

Some artists worth mentioning are Elton John, Rod Stewart, Paul Anka, Status Quo, Frank Sinatra, Liza Minnelli, Millie Jackson, Cher, Linda Ronstadt, the beach boys are few worthy mentions.

The queens the British rock band then followed with series of performances from October of 1984. This lead to criticism from the British music press for disobeying the united nations’ cultural boycott and that let to the inclusion of the group into the united nations blacklisted artists.

Hosted Superbowl

The first Superbowl was hosted on 25 October 1980 in the sun city arena. The fight was a radically mixed world heavyweight boxing championship between Mike Weaver who was the champion and Gerrie Coetzee the challenger.

Mike Weaver successfully defended his championship by the thirteenth round knock out.

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A favorite venue for the E Street Band

Springsteen E Street Band 2007 - 11 facts about sun city in South Africa
‘E Street Radio’ Channel, Dedicated to Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, Returns Exclusively to SIRIUS Satellite Radio. (PRNewsFoto/SIRIUS Satellite Radio)

The guitarist Steven Vanzandt a member of the E Street Band used the sun city venue for his music industry activist group artist united against apartheid.

Their activism led to the collaboration of 49 artists that recorded the sun called sun city.

Home to Nedbank golf challenge

Nedbank golf challenge - 11 facts about sun city in South Africa
SUN CITY, SOUTH AFRICA – NOVEMBER 09: Mike Lorenzo-Vera of France plays his second shot into the 18th green during the second round of the Nedbank Golf Challenge at Gary Player CC on November 9, 2018 in Sun City, South Africa (Photo by Warren Little/Getty Images)

In the sun city is the Gary player country club which is now home to the Nedbank golf challenge (it was formerly called the Nedbank Million Dollar Golf Challenge) and the challenge is held annually.

Favorite event location

The sun city doesn’t just attract vacationers alone, but it’s a favorite event location that attracts both local and international events.

In 2001 the 2nd IIFA awards were hosted at the sun city super bowl arena. The event showcased the best and finest of Bollywood of that year. Both technical and artistic professionals where honored.

Also in the same year (2001) to be specific May 19, the popular Irish band Westlife held a concert to support their album coast to coast through the where dreams come true tour.

Then the blended starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore were premiered on the premises in 2014. The movie was filmed mostly at the resort.

Conference venue

SCR5i1400 sun city convention centre warriors hall XS 5985 1.jpg.sunimage.800.400 - 11 facts about sun city in South Africathere are many conference venues you can choose across sun city resort and you’re sure to have expertly organized meetings, exhibitions, seminars, and conferences.

The fun of the kwena crocodile farm

maxresdefault - 11 facts about sun city in South Africa

Crocodile farm? Well, the sun city in southern Africa has a farm for crocodiles and it’s a secured farm for visitors. Visitors are accompanied by a tour guide and listen to the history of crocodile specifically about the one in the kwena farms at no additional cost.

At the end of the tour, it’s a wonderful experience you can cherry.


We cannot claim to say we’ve exhausted everything that we know about the sun city in South Africa. The reason has been that the city is in continuous improvement to meet the ever-increasing needs of visitors and tourists.

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