Bora Bora flights from Lax

Bora Bora flights from Lax

LAX to Bora Bora flights is often one of the popular travel flights to the island. Probably because the island is now a popular travel destination among celebrities and movie creators.

Bora Bora flights from LAX can be one way and also with a return ticket.

To get cheap flights to and from Bora Bora, you’ll need to book 28 days in advance with departure time usually on a Thursday or Saturday and return on a Wednesday.

However the best prices from LAX to Bora Bora flights usually are found in February or March, but that’s not to say that you cannot get it at any month. Rather the month of February and match are the period you can get cheap flights.


If you’re flying from Los Angeles, in California to Bora Bora, French Polynesia, knowing your travel distance will help you estimate the time you’ll get to the island paradise, especially if it’s the first you’re traveling.

The closest airport to Los Angeles is the Los Angeles airport (LAX) and the nearest to Bora Bora is the Motumute airport.

The distance from LAX to Bora Bora flights is approximately 6620 kilometers. When translated into hours, it’s about 9 hours and 55 minutes.

There may be few connecting flights from LAX to Bora Bora. If that happens, you may have to take connecting flights.

This may increase the Bora Bora flight time from LAX as it will be dependent on the time spend during stopovers.

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Bora Bora flights from LAX occurs on a daily basis. Depending on the day, flighty availability varies. With Mondays and Fridays having the lowest daily flight of 3 and Tuesdays the highest up to 8 flights.

However, that may not always be the case, as this is ultimately dependent on the passengers available.

While there’re stopovers in some of the flight, nonstop flights can be found from Monday to Sunday.

There’re several airlines offering LAX to Bora Bora flight services regularly. Some of these airlines include:

  • Air France: Non-stop flights
  • United airline: Non-stop flights
  • Air Tahiti Nui: Non-stop flights
  • Hawaiian airline: Non-stop flights

Air Tahiti Nui: Non-stop flights are the airlines offering the cheapest non-stop Bora Bora flights from LAX. Probably because they’re the official island airline and a way to encourage visits to the island.


The first step to getting into Bora Bora is to know the Bora Bora flight time from LAX. Then book an air ticket using the airline of your choosing.

Air Tahiti Nui are the ones offering the cheapest air tickets. But you can use the other flights like air France, united airline and Hawaiian airlines. Then fly into the Bora Bora capital city Papeete in Tahiti.

The flight is approximately 9 hours’ non-stop plane ride from LAX to Bora Bora.

In other not to miss your flight, you’ll need to be at the airport for three hours to time.

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